The Gods of Money


On September 15 2007, the greatest crisis in the history of the financial world erupted when the US secretary of the Treasury arbitrarily bankrupt ‘add one of the largest investment banks in the world Lehman Brothers deliberately and knowingly to panic the world and to panic the US Congress into giving him as Treasury secretary carte blanche over a a pool of money from the US taxpayers called that troubled asset recovery program tarp the Treasury secretary at that time was henry paulson who was formerly chairman of goldman sachs and Paulson use that money to save his friends on Wall Street at taxpayer expense.

Henry Kissinger said if you control oil you control the entire nations if you control food you control the people and if you control money you control the entire world. The powerful bad people that Henry Kissinger his career has been based on being a servant of families with no names like Rockefeller Rothschild and so forth and families with pretty much unknown names but these powerful elite families that see themselves as the gods of money they have been out to control the world for many many many years.

I want to go back a little bit in time to the creation of the dollar system because i think if we understand that even rudimentary form a lot of things began to make more sense about what’s happening in today’s world the end of world war two and or before the end but when the end was clear that it would be an allied victory over Nazi Germany with the help of 26 million Russians and Soviet citizens died in the war the US President Roosevelt convene a conference in New Hampshire called Bretton Woods New Hampshire to create a post-war monetary order now many economist’s and I I know of no University economist in the West who’s worth a dime on a dollar in terms of the theories that they profess but most economist tell you in the textbooks that the dollar system post-war system was created at bretton woods but in my view it was created on august nine nineteen forty-five when the US president harry s truman gave the decision to drop the atomic bomb on innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan not to bring the Japanese to unconditional surrender but to tell the world we are the King on this planet and what we say everybody must obey that essentially was the foundation of the dollar gold exchange system that was nominally created at bretton woods the point being that power wrong military power was and is to this day the foundation of the dollar system

now of course at that time the united states federal reserve the central bank in America had more than sixty percent of the monetary gold of the entire world through the war and through various dislocations so the dollar was more than backed by gold and therefore all currencies were pegged to the dollar and the dollar was exchangeable for gold now at that time there was a dollar shortage in Europe because the Europeans needed to borrow dollars to rebuild their economies the French the Germans everybody the English the British so dollars flowed into Europe US companies us oil companies above all through the Marshall Plan were able to sell their oil to a Europe that was converted from coal on to an oil-based economy and the system worked fairly well up through the end of the nineteen fifties into the sixties but by the mid sixties the economies of Europe especially Germany to less extent france under to call Charles to go the economies of Europe were rebuilt with state-of-the-art technologies whereas the US economy had been rebuilt in the build-up for war at the end of the nineteen thirties into the nineteen forties and the US economic base was badly in need of renewal renovation so the Europeans began demanding that the Washington devalue the dollar against gold that it made no sense because the productivity every other measure you want to take of the value of the European currencies the German mark the french franc and so forth was much higher than it was in the early fifties when Europe was a field of bombed out rubble well the US government refused adamantly any of the European pleased to bring the monetary system in order lyndon johnson had a guns and butter policy of the war on poverty which was a war for poverty in reality that’s when I got out of university and went to work idealistically for this and it’s the same time the buildup which the Pentagon and the military industry wanted of the Vietnam War the Southeast Asian war

so the French started taking the dollars that had accumulated for their exchange of goods with the US and began coming to the New York Federal Reserve and said ok we want our gold well at the beginning they got their gold until the end of the sixties the drain on the gold reserves of the Fed became so great that the trading floor of the london metal exchange literally broke because of the weight of gold bars that were put on the floor for buying and selling and there was a devaluation of the pound sterling which had been closely pic to the dollar was an anglo-american relationship and by August 1971 Nixon was president was advised by an assistant Treasury secretary who came from David Rockefellers bank chase manhattan bank by the name of its ok ok by the name of Paul Volcker paul volcker advised Nixon to take the Bretton Woods treaty which the Congress had solemnly ratified and was a treaty obligation of the United States government hold a press conference where he would tear that treaty up in the face of the world and essentially say go to hell you can’t do anything about it we no longer give you the gold so from that point on the dollar was what they call in in the financial world a floating currency the value sank forty percent against the German mark within a matter of weeks dramatic collapse until something quite unexpected happen for the Europeans and the rest of the world in shock for of 1973 there was a war between israel and its Arab neighbors called the arm kippur war and Henry kister as secretary of state began his famous shuttle diplomacy worried fly to Damascus and Cairo and then back to Tel Aviv even telling one side and the other line to both sides and against the pleas of the king of Saudi Arabia King finds all the US government unilaterally armed Israel with advanced weaponry against the Arab side

King 5’s all said quite openly well before this war broke out if you continue to do that we will have an OPEC oil embargo on the United States in Europe well six months before the yom kippur war there had been a very very close door secret meeting in soft shoe bottom outside of Stockholm at a place called the Grand Hotel which is owned by the violin back family and the meeting brought together some 85 of the most powerful man i don’t think there were any women at this particular meeting David Rockefeller was there the chairman of atlantic richfield oil company Robert Oh anderson who created the Aspen Institute and was also big in the North Sea oil development of the Rothschilds were there the heads of british petroleum royal dutch shell at that time it was Exxon and Mobil two separate companies all of the major Anglo American oil company heads were there and the meeting was held under the auspices of something called the bilderberg meeting now there’s a lot of conspiracy theory and a lot of rubbish about the Bilderberg and so forth but they had a discussion six months before the arab oil embargo presented by an American consultant to the US oil companies and he outlined a scenario he said the OPEC countries are about to make an enormous increase in the dollar price of oil traded and you would think that there would be discussion in the meeting of these powerful industrialist and oil people and so forth well what can we do to prevent this to convince them not to make this an orbit and he gave actual figures and the figures if you calculate them out add up to almost precisely four hundred percent increase of oil prices well in October as promised the King 5’s all declared an oil embargo there was a huge jump in the oil price because the market suddenly had no OPEC oil for a period of of weeks if not months they were a driverless sundays in Germany and oil lines all over the United States and so forth to queue up for the scarce gasoline that was available and then at the December 1973 OPEC meeting the Shah of Iran he demanded even a further increase in the oil price against the objections of King 5’s all in saudi arabia

Minister was sent by my king to Turan to ask the Shah why are you demanding such a sharp increase in OPEC oil prices because don’t you know that will create an economic recession in the world and demand for oil will drop the show answered me he said tell your king if he wants the answer to his question he should go to Washington and ask Henry Kissinger Kissinger was invited to the bilderberg meeting that I described earlier then the dollar went into a phase called the petro dollar as i call it the petrodollar era which lasted up into the nineteen eighties and to make sure that the most valuable commodity traded internationally would only be sold in dollars because at that time the Germans were desperate to use german marks to pay for oil in return for german machine tools and so forth that Iran and other countries wanted from from Germany and the French as well the Japanese as well with the n-well Washington made sure that didn’t happen they sent an assistant treasurer secretary to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and told the King we want an agreement with you that you will never allow OPEC to sell oil in any other currency than the US dollar and in return we will give you all the military equipment Saudi Arabia needs to protect itself at the protest of Israel they did that of course it was outdated equipment and and whatnot but since that time the price of oil has been only denominated in u.s. dollars well that bailed out the dollar it made the wall street banks the richest banks in the world they were just flooded with money there there London euro dollar outpost of Chase Manhattan and others and they recycle this customer termed it recycled these Petro dollars from the middle east through london in the form of loans to South American countries like Argentina or Brazil so that they could pay for the four hundred percent increase in their oil imports so the big oil companies anglo american oil companies earned on every side of the bargain and the banks that were tied to them earned on every side of the bargain until the nineteen eighties then the US economy started rotting big time there was a savings and loan crisis by the end of the eighties a real estate bubble had built built up inside America and real estate oriented bank’s called savings and loans went through multiple bankruptcies because the government and and the big bank lobby of Wall Street begin to pressure for deregulation of certain rules that had kept a stable real estate lending market in the u.s. you know much more about this than I do rose it but at the end of the eighties something happened and that was that the European elites made the judgment that America as the greatest power the greatest economic power on earth which had been the case since the end of the war world war two that America was really a former super power just like England was before nineteen fourteen and they said well there’s going to be a vacuum and we have to make sure that the Japanese or someone like that don’t fill the vacuum we have to create a United States of Europe and the European Central Bank the European monetary union to go with that United States of Europe so that we can have the same weight on the world stage as the United States has had all these years and that we don’t have to bow down as well the term that Brzezinski uses the vassal countries to the American Lord but that we represent our own interests as an independent force so they created something that became the European Central Bank and the euro well the United States elites watch this development and they use one of their own a hedge fund speculator named George solos to lead an attack on the british pound sterling which had decided the British elites in the city of london and the royal family had decided that they were going to break with tradition of centuries and ally themselves with the European entity and not play from outside europe and manipulate a balance of power Germany against france or whatnot they had decided to cast their lot with the emerging euros so that the City of London would dominate this new currency well Washington calculated if London goes into the euro well Street in New York is finished as the financial capital of the world and the power that brings is going to be limited dramatically so they gave this hedge fund speculator insider information that’s the only way he would have bet billions of dollars like he did and he won the title the man who booked the Bank of England well what he did was prevent the British from joining the euro so the gyro simply went ahead because the European political elites determined that this had to be done especially the French and the Italians the Germans initially were very very reluctant helmut kohl saw this as a containment of the new unified Germany but then around 1994 deutsche bahn and several of the big frankfurt banks met with coal and they said Chancellor Kohl we have figured out that if we play this euro in the right way the French banks are are in deep deep trouble the British banks are in deep trouble as are the italian banks we Germans can shape the new emerging europe for the next century this will be a German century well Cole being a power-hungry bastard 14 so the euro came into being but it had a fatal flaw it was a monetary union from top down with headquarters in Frankfort called the european central bank but there was no political union there was no United States of Europe there were individual sovereign states that were very very loath to surrender their sovereignty including Germany so they papered over the flawed said well we have the biggest economic space almost rivaling the GDP of the United States if you add together all the euro member countries and most of our trade is internal so we this thing is a winner ever you everywhere you look at it well around this time alan greenspan is head of the Federal Reserve with his friends on Wall Street keep in mind if you don’t know this that the Federal Reserve is not a government central bank it’s a privately owned central bank owned by wall street and the gods of money and greens man no central bank chairman of the fed his chosen without the consent of Wall Street privately Greenspan came from JP Morgan and everything he did as chairman of the fed in his other Lewis 16-year tenure was to the benefit of wall street at the expense of the national economy and Greenspan pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and use the enormous authority had from The Wall Street dominated media to get the government to get Congress to pass laws that would free up the banks to do whatever they wanted without any governmental supervision regulation and that’s when you had the merger of investment banks Wall Street commercial banks and insurance companies degree create gigantic financial institutions whose balance sheet was larger than the gross domestic product of most nations on earth and they became so large that the term was coined and pushed by wall street that they were too big to fail TBTF what does that mean it means the banks the banks of Wall Street not most American banks but the banks of Wall Street could do whatever in hell they wanted to and when the thing came crashing down finally the taxpayer would pick up the tab because we’re too big to fail well they bought all the key members of the House and Senate Banking Committee to make sure that nothing happened that was unwished by them and they started the deregulation of controls on banking that were put into place during the great depression the glass-steagall Act of 1933 and various other controls restraints on banking they got laws passed that this was in 1999-2000 got laws passed that allowed financial trading trading and financial instruments derivatives current season so fourth derivative trade to be unsupervised by the commodities future Trading Corporation the agency of the government with responsibility to supervise financial derivative trade so six largest banks in Wall Street grew to dominate world trade in these new financial instruments futures options and so forth that were called derivatives with no regulation so they were able to control the price of gold to control the price of silver on the world market to control the price of oil by simply manipulating between the bank’s the price of these commodities well then they got the idea in the early part of this century the 2001-2002 with the connivance of Greenspan to create a financial revolution and this financial revolution was called asset-backed securities bonds were issued not by corporations like General Motors or or General Electric and so forth or Ford Motor Company corporate bonds bonds were issued that had no single corporation behind them they were asset-backed securities backed by usually by home mortgages that were bundled together geographically from across the United States may be several hundred mortgages were put into a bundle and sold well first of all there were mortgages that were not high quality people with no adequate credit means to buy a house way beyond their income they were given mortgage loans sometimes for more than one hundred percent the value of the house they wanted to buy and the local banker will given the mortgage and he would have a verbal discussion say well mr. Smith how much income do you have how much do you want to earn a month and mr. Smith would lie and say I earn a hundred thousand dollars a year . ah okay just sign this mortgage and and it’s done so he would sign the mortgage of course he thought you know this is my dream i get a hundred-thousand-dollar house I never dreamed that my life these would be people without jobs in many cases and the banks were so cynical they call these liar’s loans they knew the guy was lying they didn’t care about why because under the new financial revolution of Wall Street the gods of money Wall Street bought those liar’s loans those mortgages from these local banks all around America at a discount so the the local bank could continue the game and and make nice profits on the whole thing and then Wall Street would bundle these mortgages into new securities bonds asset backed bonds then because there were some dodgy loans in this they would they would mix it with good quality mortgages from good people with real money or real paper money and then they would go to insurance companies that specialize in this kind of security and they would get a insurance policy so if there’s a default based on historical record of mortgage defaults there’s a default on X percent of these mortgages let’s say two or three percent the loss of mortgage payment would be covered by the insurance policy and then they would go with this insurance on this bundle of bonds and they go to standard & poor’s or Moody’s the two giant rating agencies that rate almost everything in the world for credit value of credit worthiness and they would get a triple a rating well for Moody’s it was enormous it was a money machine became the most lucrative source of of income so the entire structure of the US financial system with the blessing of the chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan who – my mind is a criminal who ought to be behind bars and not some manner of here it is a great guru of central bank finance they created this huge asset bubble real estate prices were going through the roof back in 2004-2005 it became a Ponzi scheme and the more the prices of homes began rising in America the more people were fevers to go in they had terms like flipping you buy a house one day put a coat of paint on it and flip it in in one month and sell it for double the price in some states like Florida and so forth well this madness came to a screeching halt in summer of two thousand seven when a tiny were not a tiny but a small largely unknown bank in Dusseldorf Germany the industry and let’s see industry pretty Thomas punk part of the state bank announced that it was having trouble meeting payments because they had bought billions of dollars of these mortgage loans from deutsche bank deutsche bank was in on the game with the New York banks and that started a snowball in the global financial system because modern banking since 1609 when the bank of amsterdam municipally owned bank in Holland began something called fractional reserve banking modern banking in the West has been based on one thing and one thing only confidence no confidence is a psychological quantity are you confident that the person driving this taxi is going to get you to the airport without crashing the car because he’s dodging in and out of lanes and so forth at a hundred miles an hour are you confident that this doctor is going to do what’s best for your health care for your children’s health while modern banking something happened to the back of amsterdam the merchants who kept their gold on store with this Bank of amsterdam rather than truck it around you know from city to city they didn’t know that the leaders of the bank of Amsterdam after decades of having this gold sitting there one to one so that if all the merchants at any one day would demand their gold the bank of amsterdam had the gold in the vault under City Hall well they got the ingenious idea what would happen since nobody very few people ever come to demand their golden Lysander s how about if we lend out five percent of the gold for for interest make a little more money they tried that will work beautifully then they said well that worked fine let’s try ten percent because nobody has ever demanded ten percent of and then it’s like the farmer who discovered a ingenious way to cut down his cost of grain when the price went up he started feeding his prized horse a mixture of ninety-five percent grain oats and so forth and five percent sawdust from trees that he cut down and that worked fine the horses seem to be healthy and so well it’s up to ten percent sawdust and ninety percent so his farm a neighbor said gee how didhow what happened then said it worked beautifully until I fed it a hundred percent sawdust and the horse died well that’s pretty much what happened with the bank of amsterdam it had a run on the bank and they had no gold to satisfy the the depositors and they went under and the power of the city of Amsterdam which was the greatest financial power of the 17th century shifted over to the city of london city of london after world war one the power shifted to New York but the same fraudulent methods were used in every case and that is fractional reserve banking that is the banks at any one time have only a allowed fraction on reserve if depositors demand their money that’s why you had bank panics during the Great Depression all across America before certain acts of the government were taken well the dollar system that was created in her ocean and August 1945 is if nothing else a very impressive system technically because part and parcel of it is the most powerful banks in the world commodity trade of the world denominated in dollars and the control of the credit rating agencies that rate the credit of European banks of Japanese banks of chinese banks the Chinese have their own credit rating but internationally the only recognized credit rating agencies are the US credit rating agencies which are incestuously tied to the banks of Wall Street the gods of money there was a study done recently at ETH the technical university in zurich switzerland doing a computer analysis of corporate interlocks directors and and shareholding the stock holdings worldwide and the conclusion they reached was that 147 corporations through a pyramid of cross-ownership control directly and indirectly sixty percent of the wealth of the entire world 147 and the overwhelming majority were US and British financial institutions goldman sachs Bank of America JPMorgan Chase the Boston funds such as fidelity Magellan and so forth and barclays bank and such institutions in the city of london well if you want to know the source of so many of the problems in today’s world go back to the families who control this vast amount of wealth this is the agenda of globalization this is the agenda of the World Trade Organization trade in financial services to create the free flow of capital so that if a country such as the asian tigers did in the nineteen nineties if they started growing independently of the dollar without indebtedness without the IMF Monetary Fund in Washington able to control them through debt to P&H then George Soros and his hedge fund friends were given credit lines and insider intelligence by all accounts to lead attacks on the Asian tiger economies first tile and the thai baht then indonesia and ultimately to South Korea which is a major always CD member economy and in every case the IMF was demanded by Washington that the monetary fund come in and reorganize the financial system of these tiger economies so the Tigers became pussy cats and the end of the asian crisis the capital started flowing out of Asia out of the tiger economies in to Washington to buy US Treasury bonds to build up a currency reserve in dollars against future attacks and the attacks were engineered through the US government through intelligence services connected with us in the city of london and that tamed the asian tigers the state which then shifted to China and the emergence of China but as long as China was dependent on capital inflows from the West Washington had no worries about it they use the cheap labor American corporations made huge profits on the building up of China after nineteen seventy nine until rather recently then they started getting a little bit angry well what emerged during the 2007-2008 . with the financial crisis suddenly Washington was running government deficits per year of a scale never imagined in human history more than one trillion dollars money given out – money taken in taxes a deficit annually of more than one trillion dollars so that by 2010 the government of China feeling its economic muscle more than before give a public statement to the world saying that they were quite upset with the fiscal a lack of control of the US debt the government debt because China was the largest holder of US Treasury bonds with their dollar trade surpluses America was our largest trading partner they sold Chinese goods to the United States to walmart is over and they made a public statement that they plan to diversify out of the dollar will the only candidate to put their reserves in was the euro so the Chinese began building up their euro and diminishing their dollar purchases suddenly deus ex machina a crisis broke out in a tiny tiny country in the eastern part of the european union with a long history long tradition but an economy that is not worthy of the name the country called Greece well greased it was discovered had cheated to get into the euro in 2002 by hiding the state debt to get into the euro some of you may know you have maastricht rules rules that you have to have a no more than three percent deficit in your state finances per year and no more than sixty percent debt-to-gdp well greased was well over the three percent but they concealed it through derivatives until it was announced by pop and Rio who just been elected Pope and rio whose family has a history going back decades with us intelligence and British intelligence Papandreou announce that the nasty Conservative government back in two thousand two had done all these nefarious things to get into the euro and get the benefit of the low interest rates because the euro brought the interest rates down dramatically well it turns out that the banks who advised the Greek government and o2 was called goldman sachs the advisor to the greek government on its on it some debt management policies well Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase created the manipulations that allowed Greece to hide the reality until Papa trio exposed to the world then the hedge funds went into action george soros had a meeting in New York with several of the top hedge funds these are speculative funds with credit lines from the big banks and they started attacking the Greek government debt the euro they said the year old Greeks briefs can’t stay in the euro with this kind of high percentage of government debt over one hundred percent at that time so the value of the bonds of the Greek government each government in the eurozone issues are their own bonds at the present the value collapsed from these financial attacks and then just as the European governments who were stunned they didn’t one thing about the continental European is by and large with the exception of a few banks like Deutsche Bank they don’t know how the wall street money game is played they’re they’re naive children in comparison to Wall Street in the city of London have been doing this for quite some time so they couldn’t couldn’t imagine that such a complicity would be behind the the attack on the Greek government bonds government debt so they met finally they realize the crisis wasn’t going to go away and the heads of government in the euro land agreed on a bailout package for Greece well the day that they agreed on that Standard & Poor’s one of the two giant credit rating agencies of New York devalued the debt the sovereign debt of greece by three notches down to what is called in the trade junk bond ratings and 1a 1a the government bond is rated junk pension funds around the world who hold government bonds under certain rules and regulations are forced to immediately get rid of that paper they’re there they’re not allowed to hold that so that started an entire new round of the Greek crisis then analyst began looking at other countries in the euro they said hey Ireland doesn’t look quite so good here well then the greek Finance mitigate the Irish finance ministry excuse me brought in a consultant from Wall Street company called merrill lynch say tell us what to do you know Oh merrill lynch did a six page report for the greek Finance Minister they said the pressure on the on the irish banks ally duration and anglo irish and so forth these large banks in Ireland the pressure will abate if you make a statement that really creates confidence of this the investors confidence is modern banking it’s a game of confidence a con game well the finance minister whether he was little or just stupid did one of the stupidest things of any finance minister in history he gave a press conference instead of saying the government of ireland stands behind all of the deposits in its banks they said the government of ireland stands behind all liabilities of its banks so suddenly a private banking crisis that could easily have been contained the way it was in sweden in the early nineties with secure room and so forth became a sovereign debt crisis the debt of Ireland suddenly was out of control so the same hedge fund started an attack on the Irish state debt so this euro crisis began spreading like a cancer it spread to Portugal it spread to Spain where they had been a blowout of the speculative real estate market directly tied to a english investors who had a real estate bubble there and all england was outside the euro since 1992 so they weren’t affected in quite the same way but then there began to be stories in The Wall Street Journal and CNBC the financial channels in New York and London the Financial Times about the Ural and crisis that the euro had to dissolve that it just wasn’t viable entity so the government’s came in with trick after trick to try to prop this up well nothing fundamentally has been changed the bank’s the money that’s been promised degrees didn’t go to the greek economy the Greek economy has almost fifty percent unemployment by real measures the youth unemployment i believe his is 47 something percent it’s a catastrophe ireland people are emigrating out of iron like they did in the 1840s with the potato famine again young people are leaving portugal in drolls engineers people with education trying to get work anywhere they can brazil or other places and the money that’s gone through these government rescues from germany in in other countries has gone to guarantee the exposure in Greek bonds of the french banks the german banks and other banks so again who emerges out of this crisis are these banks that are deemed by the European governments as too big to fail well the euro no longer was considered to be an alternative to the dollars reserve currency and the dollar which appeared on the brink of a catastrophic collapse in 2010 suddenly was seen again as a safe haven now we have two crises that are metastable highly unstable one is the euro crisis and the other is the dollar crisis will not all currencies in the world can be simultaneously devalued because they’re valued relative to each other in a floating system like we have but the real economy in the United States has been hollowed out over the last 30 years with outsourcing globalization various other things the alternatives at this point in history to this mismanagement or this turning over to criminal bankers is what they are they’re criminals their sheets they’re liars they should be behind bars and not in bars drinking the vodka martinis and so as they do today I’m sure in New York but we ask what are the alternatives well at this point this is a political question not a financial question and finances above all a political and geopolitical question this is something that’s not taught in the academic curriculum of any university in the West that i know of in a twisted way some of the universities under the Soviet system and under china during the more Marxist . taught certain theories of car marks on surplus value and and primitive accumulation and so forth that kind of lead in the direction of understanding what what the West is doing the so called capital system but the political alternative that we have in the world today is what I sometimes call an Iron Triangle of resistance to this dollar globalization and that is the political axis that’s shaping up in Eurasia the one part of this planet which has the population the skilled trained skilled level every natural resource needed and the know-how to be entirely independent of the dollar system and the Euro system and that is an axis if you draw a triangle between Beijing in China moscow in Russia and Tehran Iran and this Iron Triangle encompasses the countries of Central Asia Turkmenistan Kazakhstan rich in oil and gas resources rich in minerals beyond belief and these countries since sep tember 2001 have been increasingly cooperating under something called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization loose coming together annually of the countries of Central Asia China and Russia with Iran as an observer with India as an observer such as the landmass the geo-political land mass of Eurasia is coming closer and closer together as a response to the insanity coming out of Washington and London and NATO so the US response to this has been a manifold one has been something called the Arab Spring by the mainstream media it’s no spring it’s a nightmare but the revolts that have taken place in Tunisia in Egypt in Syria with the terror war against the Syrian government really the aim of this by Washington and and London is to install some organ organization islamic organization back in the Islamic sharia law which is a pretty harsh law for a government to impose on its people call the Muslim Brotherhood and we had this in egypt until the army stepped in backed up by millions of Egyptians who were fed up with this religious straitjacket that the Brotherhood was imposing through Morsi so but the aim of this the intervention of nato bombing Libya to the Stone Age literally was to break up the energy channels from the middle east and north africa into China primarily into central into Asia and to be able to control that and keep countries like Egypt Libya and so forth from getting closer and closer especially to the Chinese who are all over africa and the middle east china’s biggest supplier of oil next to Saudi Arabia is Iran Iran’s biggest customer to export its oil is China so at this point with the economy of the u.s. rotting under its feet the Pentagon is the last pillar of power that the elites of Wall Street and Washington excuse me I have left to maintain American hegemony in the world the goal of globalization and the this entire process of the euro crisis the dollar crisis the sub prime real estate crisis is to control the money of the world directly or indirectly doesn’t matter it doesn’t have to be one currency its de facto a euro dollar system right now because the euro if it does anything untoward will be smashed again like it was with the Greek crisis so the goal of this is what the Pentagon calls full spectrum dominance total control of everything everywhere land sea air space outer space cyberspace it all should come under control to create what one strategist in in Washington called in a book he wrote years ago universal fascism fascism in the sense of Mussolini’s italy where private corporations control the trade unions the labor force they control the government the government in Washington today is controlled by private corporations the banks of Wall Street the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about when he left office in 1961 it’s controlled by agribusiness which is a strategic holding of these elites of Wall Street the gods of money Monsanto Cargill archer daniels midland the grain cartel the agribusiness companies and they want to bring the entire world under its thumb I’ll get into this on sunday in my remarks about genetic manipulation and the geopolitical agenda behind that so I want to elaborate I want to conclude on a slightly different tack because I’ve had several conversations and I have this always and conferences where I speak but what can i do i’m only one person or a few friends that think the way i do who are enlightened or awake or whatever term you want to give it what can I do as an individual I feel hopeless overwhelmed by it by knowing the power that these people have well first of all is as Frank said in his opening remarks to know what you’re confronting is the first step if you’re walking blind you’re going to get killed one way or the other if you’re walking blind on a expressway with your eyes closed sooner or later cars going to hit you and put it into your life there are only fundamentally two things to emotions what is the emotion that these powerful elite bad people in these families manipulate and that is the emotion of fear and they try to create fear and every corner of our lives fear that our children will become sick if we don’t give them vaccines vaccines that make them sick with agilent’s in those vaccines things like gardasil for cervical cancer that are given to eight year old girls and now they want to give it two boys as well four and one thing after the other so they developed fear in every corner of our life fear of unemployment fear that our savings will be wiped out because there be a market crash and that fear imprisons us to be passive paralyzed and like the citizens of ancient Rome during the Imperial days we come to the Coliseum to watch the gladiators get devoured by the lions because unconsciously were fascinated by the power of these Emperor’s these gods of money and so forth so we become passive we think we can do nothing well there is an antidote to this and it’s the most powerful weapon that these elites are terrified of and that is a four letter word called love the love the unconditional love of a mother for a handicapped child was born with the brain defect called mongoloid or whatever physical defect but that mother loves that child above any creature that you can imagine well this is a quality that’s we have largely pushed in the back as we are caught up in a consumer society where desensitized by one thing or another and we become robotic in our human relations I want to close with a with a personal anecdote and that is three years ago I met a doctor in Munich I’m sitting without full power in my legs since the end of my fourth year of life and i met a doctor in munich germany dr. Rick Randall we have since become dear friends and he was a fan of my book the century of war had given out about 80 copies to friends and patience he invited me to come to music and he said when you realized i was in a wheelchair he said I have a machine that i’ve invented that might help your legs I’ll give you three treatments and we can talk politics which he loves to do so i came there between Christmas and New Year’s for a week with no Rick and then said William you have nerve you have feeling in both of your legs I didn’t realize this theoretically you can reconnect your brain to the muscles that let the doorman muscles in your legs and build those up and if you don’t the motto is use it or lose it well that put the fear of God into me and he said I have a friend who runs a rehabilitation clinic and neurological clinic in Bavaria and he called the friend and said I’m sending a patient of mine to you and I came to the clinic a big fight with my insurance company they didn’t want to pay a penny but I went anyway and the doctor in charge the friend of Rick’s said i’m going to give you normally we give a physiotherapist for 30 minutes three times a week but i’m going to give you my best physiotherapist her name is <operand> forty </operand> for 1 hour every day and from the first session with Helga we bonded on a human level she just radiated and she does radiate love as a human being she had a . daughter she has a daughter who was born with a brain tumor that had to be operated and since then the child who’s nervous I think 16 isn’t quite like the other children she’sshe’s functional but she’s not quite like the other children and I think Helga in her own life and she had gone through enormous personal difficulties a husband who left her with a hundred thousand euros of dead on her inherited a house that she built with her husband left the country and left her indebted and she managed to do amazing things with her life she had the idea to inspire me to do something with my legs so we worked on the water therapy and she had invented a special device she kept it secret he had dreams of patenting it but I think she realized that it wouldn’t make the kind of money that she could bring her out of her financial distress in any case she said i’d like to try this on you William I said of course I trust you totally Hogan so the device enabled her with her feet to connect to my feet in the water water came up here and I had a these noodles I don’t know what you call them you know it made out of styrofoam under the arm so I was stabilized and then she held me at the waist and began walking around this therapeutic pool for one hour that was the first time since i got leg braces at age 54 h6 that I could move my legs in the way a normal person with Ben bend at the knees and and feel the sensation of walking and it felt wonderful so two days later we had our second session in the pool with these special shoes and about a quarter of an hour into the walking spontaneously without thinking about it I started moving my own legs and help us stop cold she said William wow that’s you that’s not me and from that moment on it changed my life it gave me an energy for living that I hadn’t felt in a marriage that had stagnated beyond the point of repair I made the decision to get out of that relationship and make my own way further because I couldn’t do it the angst that my then wife had about what I was doing she was afraid i literally would walk away from her and that energy came because Helga transmitted to me the feeling of unconditional love you can do this William you can do this and I resonated with that energy and it gave me such strength that literally I could move mountains and I have been working on that ever since so this is a very personal example but i want to give you a sense every one of you that you can move mountains if you go inside yourself you take responsibility for yourselves for your lives because that’s what all of us myself included 10 so easily to give up usually in our childhood we suffer humiliation from parents from whatever it’s cool one way or another so we feel it doesn’t you can’t get out of the trap your you you have to just kind of play the game and behave and so forth well this is one way you can get all of us to build on this with trust in each other based on love based on unconditional love conditional of whatever but not possessive destructive love so I close by saying that giving the example of one person was a mother I believe in the state of Utah and mother with children and she followed the referendum in California forget the 37 was it on labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms well when she read that Monsanto had spent something like 8 million dollars to block this referendum in California and the referendum didn’t pass there was some question about whether the votes were correctly countered or not I don’t know but she got so upset about this sitting there in Utah she had the idea to create a facebook with the title march against monsanto and declared a certain day in may I forget the day I was invited to speak in Frankfort she put this out on facebook and it went viral suddenly Monsanto couldn’t buy off Greenpeace or any of the usual NGOs that there were used to bind off and silence them blunt their sword because this was coming spontaneously if I think it was 52 cities or around the world several million people turned out to these demonstrations against monsanto suddenly it became popular in the media and elsewhere to focus on Monsanto is this bad bad bad corporation and since that time Monsanto has been on the defensive totally worldwide that’s just one example it’s by no means reverse the march of these pathological mad men who are trying to destroy ninety percent of the human race if we believe Ted Turner because they think they’re too many useless eaters like us I happen to disagree with that by the way so the idea that were helpless that the world is overwhelming and so forth is a question of energy and the energy of love true love not possessive love not destructive love but to love as human beings as family as friends and so forth as partners that energy Trump’s anything that these elites can do with the chem trails with cycle terror with this that and the other thing so with that I thank you and I and my remarks yeah or just ask I i have a question – because i’m also very interested in the economy like some you know from last year and I have a focus on this glass steagle thing which will split investment bank and commercial banks I would like to hear your comments last equal is a possibility to take power away from the banks and give the give it back to to the to the government well the the problem with legislation in the u.s. today is that the united states of america since nine eleven has been stepwise turning into a police state that’s comparable to what Germany was in the early nineteen thirties and I’m deeply sad to say that as an American but there’s no other conclusion so to have a simple repeal of glass-steagall I don’t think would do much about the problem what I advocated in in my articles at the time of the seven or eight crisis was that the bank’s the six offending banks of Wall Street the gods of money banks should be nationalized should be broken up the dodgy toxic waste as they call it in Wall Street the worthless paper that was sitting in these banks from the liar’s loans and other things that should be isolated like they did in Sweden with securom and sorted out over time and then the smaller banks would do traditional banking there should be a repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that the Congress takes back the power to print and coin money that was given to it under the Constitution and not give it to private banks through the federal reserve and number of things like that but these are all political questions and as long as congressman are corrupted by the power of money by the power of Wall Street campaign contributions various other forms of corruption then I don’t see a prospect of that legislation so it’s it’s a question of political mobilization of the population right now Americans here in the room who have a more direct contact with this should correct me if I’m wrong in my estimation but the population is in a state of passivity or when they’re active they get caught up into fake movements like the Tea Party who maybe had originally genuine beginnings or occupy wall street which may have had a kernel of well-meaning people in it but it was rapidly taken over by Obama’s front men to build a democratic mass alternative to the Tea Party and became a dead end movement that did more to discredit opposition to the bank’s than to build it so I don’t think glass-steagall alone is going to solve this problem it’s much much bigger