Different Types Of Leftism

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which can be really daunting to people new to the whole thing and what makes it worse is that it’s actually really difficult to go out of research and find the distinct differences street between each one and what they advocate for so in this video I’m going to make a list detailing the do different ideologies and left ism and the differences between them so let’s get going is a list of all the ones and we going for timestamps are in the description if you want to skip driver one right so let’s start with Marxism Marxism is the basis for all communism that the other ideas and build upon most described communism as a classless stateless currency let society and use the term socialism and communism interchangeably Marxism talks about how under capitalism there’s a constant class struggle between the ruling class and the working class he goes on to say that was the working-class game culture culture system which is essentially becoming aware of the unjust position that there in under capitalism will rise up and overthrow the working-class regarding revolution after this a dictatorship of the proletariat will be set up to act as a state to oversee the shift from capitalism to communism would eventually wither away is it no longer be needed proletarian this case meeting the working class so next up is Leninism feminism is an extension from marxism and leninism went on from box to establish that communism and socialism are two different things which is what most left is going by today is that instead of going from the dictatorship of the proletariat to communism or other under Leninism the Vanguard body which would be led by a group of the most class-conscious revolutionaries at the time the revolution would go for a regular party which would then take over the means of production this is called state capitalism where the means of production or by the state the Vanguard party which after stabilizing the country which is just a revolution which shift to socialism I transferring the means of production to the workers after decades of successful socialism communism would come about which would be what marks originally described Leninism is what was applied in the Russian Revolution and as we can see there was a problem with the bhangra party never transferred that means of production to the workers and they can be attributed to the conditions at the time and the fact that Lenin died shortly after the Revolution but most socialists and even let myself believe that this is a problem that needs to be addressed luxembourg ism is an extension of marxism and similar too little isn’t both most ways but the difference is that while ilysm believes in a bangle party which is quite centralized and take control of everything locks and burgers and believes that every industry should be wrong by individual Democratic council workers luxembourg ism has never been attempted in the real world although it was in Germany that Rosa Luxemburg try just our revolution where she faithfully also life trotskyism is an extension of Leninism which deals with going from feudalism straight to socialism before capitalism is probably develops like in Russia well it was important at the time it’s not as relevant anymore as there are no real viewable space left however there are also important distinctions that trotskyism has from Leninism firstly trotskyism says their socialist revolution cannot probably finish until the revolution is white this is because as we saw in the USSR the bank our party state is isolated intact from the rest of the world making much more difficult to shift to socialism Chomsky also criticized the USSR by calling it a generated work at state due to the bureaucracy they’re taking hold of it and that the riorca see had to be rude with a number revolution or the state would eventually revert back to capitalism which I suppose it did right so now we can do anarchy and we’re going to do three different types here so I don’t go collectivism and Rocco communism and anarcho-syndicalism and group these free together and one beer as they’re all quite similar with a few differences a donkey is about removing private property and giving the means of production to the workers however unlike Leninist for example they do not believe in dicta in the dictatorship of the proletariat or any kind of stay at all because of this without autism you’d be going straight from capitalism to socialism is ever having a state capitalism phase in between other collectivism people would receive resources based on the work that they contribute to the commune under communism resources would be allocated where they’re needed anarcho-syndicalism is a method of how to get to either collectivism or communism by organizing the working class with unions and strikes and taking worker action if you enjoyed this video I want to learn more about leftism known as well as describing please check out bunker mag the their site for left this discussion and analysis of today’s world they have good and frequent content so check them out the description I and lastly anarcho-capitalism I’m sorry that’s not real ideology come on guys