The Dark side of Corporations

The problem with Corporations is that they produce 1 thing and most of their effort is wasted in marketing that 1 thing and winning the competition against others making that thing.

Moreover, even if the corporation find out that their product might be bad for humans or env., they cannot close shop, coz the only reason for the corporation to exist is to make profit for it’s investors and shareholders…

What if there was no money and hence no monetary profit driving progress? What if everything was driven by science and rationality and AI and algorithms make every decision as rationally and scientifically as possible.

Then there will be no coal or oil extraction or manual labor. All jobs would be in automation and STEM and software etc. Moreover, as the algorithms become better, they’ll figure out more stuff, and course correct immediately as they figure out that the one thing that is in production is now found to be harmful per new discoveries. Within the hour, the production of this thing will be stopped and work will start in finding better solutions and of replacing that thing in the population with new better thing.